[PC][0.90.11][Game Items] Items Disappearing When Returning To Home Island

Every time I return to my home island after visiting another island, items have disappeared. This includes Brick piles, Kindling, cooked food, planks, my bed and other stuff. The problem happens consistently (after reloading the save and closing the game down and relaunching it). Sometimes Brick Piles disappear other times they don’t, but my bed, cooked food and kindling always disappear.

Note - My home island is a custom island I made a few updates back and the island I visit (to gather resources) is also a custom island created a few updates back.


No settings have been changed. My home island is a custom home island. (A large square island with cliffs around the edge)

Moving away from my home island then returning

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or PC? (Yes)

-Have tried reinstalling the game? (No)

-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not. (Visiting a different island before returning to home island. Still the same issue)

-Please feel free to provide any other information you feel may be relevant to this issue.
(The game freezes for about 30 seconds when returning to home island, presumably due to the island loading)

Hi Anthony_W,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve noted your issue and a bug report will be investigated on your behalf.
Apologies for the delay.

Hi Night_Snake,

Thanks for the response.

Yes the issue is still happening, with everything from cooked food to brick piles disappearing when I return to my home island.


Hi Anthony_W, I’ve been unable to replicate this issue.
Can you provide your current specs please?

Any further details you can provide about your custom island might also be helpful.

Also can you describe how far are you going from your island and for how long?

I presume you have a pretty packed island with many objects?


Sorry for the late response.

My spec is i5 2500, 8GB RAM, 1050 Windforce 2GB and Windows 8.1.

My custom island is the same one as before, where we discussed the issue of me being unable to load my saved games. A large square island with cliffs around it and a large house.

I’m not going very far from my home island each time (to a neighboring island). I’m away for around 15 mins. The game freezes when I return to my island for around 30 seconds (presumably while the game loads the island). This freezing has always happened since I first built the island.

The island isn’t packed with objects atm, as I’ve been unable to build up a collection with things constantly disappearing.


I have also had similar issues when leaving and coming back to my home island. Many times much of my pre-prepared food is missing, amongst other items. I have managed to work around the problem and have assumed that it could be a memory issue because of the large buildings structures i have and many many items if the game includes them each as an object. It seems to me that once a certain limit is reached, the game seems to delete anything over and above this limit, probably due to possible memory limitations. Although i am not certain of this fact.

Having said this i am playing on a very high end PC with 96 Gig of Memory so this should not normally be an issue. I also have a very high end graphics card which normally runs almost any game on full graphics settings without any issues and it is water cooled.

I just thought i would write and let you know that i too have the same problems, especially with the food upon my return and other items such as leather cordage etc etc.

Hope this helps a bit

Kind regards,

McDave McFurry (PC User)

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