[PC] [0.90.11] [animal spawns] Missing animals in solo and multiplayer

I have noticed that if I don’t kill an animal immediately upon arrival to an island, they tend to disappear. This is not something that used to happen. More often than not, they have ended up in the water. This is snakes, giant hogs, boards, giant crabs, small crabs. Some end up in the water, anywhere from just inside the edge of the water to all the way out in the deep water. I once watched a giant hog drop down at the very edge of the under water area, then slide down into the abyss to disappear entirely. Others just poof. Not in the water, not anywhere. Just gone. Much like the rotting fruit on the vine issues.

It happens every time we come to a new island. Animals are set to passive because the rl fear of sharks is just too much for sis and I. It happens both in my solo games and sis’ and my multiplayer games. To EVERY island we land on that has land animals. If we don’t kill it before leaving the island then returning, the animals are gone, often forever. I think they must have glitched into the rock or something because many times they simply never respawn. That tells me they must still be there, just in a place we can’t find them like inside the rock.

Every seed I’ve tried in both solo and multiplayer

No settings changed other than setting animals to passive. no custom islands

Landing on any large island does it. the smaller animals disappear faster. the larger ones usually disappear after having left the island then returned to it. There is only so much one can carry in one visit, so i always am back and forth to islands until i’ve cleaned them. if I leave the island before killing the animals, the animals have a high chance of no longer being there.