[PC][0.90.04] Can't craft Brick Scrap

Unable to craft “Brick Scrap”

Brick Scrap | Stranded Deep Wiki | Fandom

No item is consume, no item is given.


Thanks EchoMGM, we’re looking into it.


Same for me and my wife (we each have separate copies of the game). After the 22 November patch on Steam our PC version of the game no longer allows us to craft brick scrap. we have tried deconstructing and reconstructing the furnace and brick station, as well as building new ones in different locations - including higher and lower elevations, we’ve tried crafting BS from the full menu and the quick menu. we’ve saved and quit, quit to desktop, changed save slots, and rebooted cpus. All with no joy. My best guess is all the fixes from the 22 November patch inadvertently broke this interaction.

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Same over here, would love to have this fixed… I was just building my base, so this makes the game unplayable for me till they fix this

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If my character catches a cold, I will sue you…

Seriously, we need a hotfix just for this… It’s not like a random bug, for some people like me is a core feature… the fun of the endgame. Or maybe a way to revert the update until is fixed.

Im having the same problem

Having the same issue

0.90.08 fixed it. Thank you!

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Confirming what @EchoMGM said. 0.90.08 appears to have fixed this. Good job devs! That was a quick turnaround on a pretty irritating issue.