[PC] [0.90.00] [Download] Stuck in download paused and can't resume

When i tried to download the game it dowloaded it to 1.15GB and from that point the download got stuck in pause. Whenever i try to press “resume” nothing is happening. On the downoad menu in steam it says “DISC WRITE ERROR”

Have re downloaded the game multiple times (as much download as i can)
Removed all files from the game folder when I uninstalled the game then redownoaded it.
Restarted the computer with each re download
Uppdated all the gamedrivers
Validated the gamefiles in steam

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That sounds like it is either a problem with Steam or a bad sector on your HDD/SSDD. Have you tried running a CHKDSK?

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I’ve had the game downloaded previously both on my M.2 and SSHD disk and have several hours on jt with no problems. To make sure it wasn’t any of my discs I’ re downloaded another game to both disc and run them completely fine

Hi Epicnex,

How much free space is remaining on that drive?
When you say you removed all files from the game folder, which folder specifically did you remove files from?
Did you have any mods installed previously?

I agree with SusiSisu that it would be wise to run a CHKDSK on that drive.
If you download the game to your M.2 and then use the Steam “Move Install folder” feature to move the game to the drive in question, what happens in that scenario?

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Thanks for the respond
Got over 600gb remaining on the M.2 and over 1TB on the SSHD.
Removed all the files from the game itself so i could do a clean install with no files in error.
Had no previous mods installed to the game and the game was running just fine.

I’ve run a CHKDSK on both harddrives.
Its not possible for me to use the “Move install folder” because it says there are no files to move, even tough it clearely says that 1,15GB is downloaded.

Hello I too am having the same issue. I was able to get the game downloaded and play for about 10 minutes and then it crashed out and required an update that would not complete. I have tried everything to fix it and get it to download and am not able to get it to work.