Patch 6 PS4 Container Shelves

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I am unable to disassemble the container shelf once it is placed. It does not matter if it is placed on the ground, on the ship, or on a building platform. Once it is placed, I am unable to move it. If I strike it with knife/axe, after many hits it simply disappears.

I am unsure of the seed. Beam Team?

Settings are from when I first installed the game many months ago. I haven’t changed any islands. I am close to beating it. I have 122 days in game progress, and this is my first and only game slot that I have used

I don’t think it is an issue of steps. It just simply is.

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console? Yes
-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting? No - I will try this later

Hi Vindicatior78,

Welcome to the forums and thank you for using the bug report template to report your issue!

This is one the team are aware of but at the moment as far as I am aware this is now the container shelves act when they are disassembled on the PC version too, so that was the version that was ported over to Console. This will likely be changed in the future as more PC items are ported. What I will do, however, is add your count to a request for the team from the community to look into it as soon as they can.


Good thing i saw this. I was just about to write up something about the same issue i was having right now, LOL. All good. Thnx for the response Beam Team. Loving the Game !!! Patience is a virtue that I have. This game has endless possibilities if it stays relevant to the developers :grinning:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game Spaz124, and thank you for your understanding. I’ll add your count to the player request list for the team too :slight_smile:

Just to add that this happens with Light Hooks too. Both takes 8 hits with Refined Axe (and maxed harvesting, if that matters), all without any feedback sound, to dismantle. And no items are refunded.

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Hi MestreLion,

Thank you mentioning that - it does indeed work the same with Light hooks too and I believe this is appart of the same report for the team.

While I appreciate you mentioning this here, please note that in our guidelines we ask uses to create new post if the last comment is more than a month old and reference the older post is they need to. This helps to keep our forums up to date, tidy and prevents the revival of much older posts. I shall also endevour to update the Known Issues section when I can with some of these less commonly reported issues. Thank you :slight_smile: