Online loading is too slow

sync speed too slow
There are many cases where the host you’ve been waiting for can’t wait and leaves.
If you start sync world, the host also stops the game.
At least I hope it doesn’t interfere with the host’s game.

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Yes it’s ridiculously slow. By the time it’s finished syncing I could have uploaded complete game to my friend so I don’t know what it is doing that takes so long. My interner bandwidth is barely utilized during that phase so it seems like it’s doing nothing.

Your internet connection is slow. That is the only reason you are having that issue.

Not like that
I live in Korea and even in Korean connections
sync world is still equally slow

No, it is not, you are incorrect.

Plenty of posts around with people having issues and it’s acknowledged by the developer. It isn’t even necessary because the OP noted that his bandwidth is barely utilized so your personal internet speed doesn’t even matter if the game isn’t going to make use of it properly.

Same problem here. Turning off VPN makes no difference. And we haven’t explored much yet

Clear your chrome history