Null inventory message upon saving

Thanks canozco.
What were you doing in-game when you encountered this message?
Please give as much detail as you can

There is an existing bug report for this issue. Your details will be added to that.

I also got this message, it happened the first time i tried to save the game, then i kept getting the error and it wouldnt let me hold certain things in my inventory…?

It also deleted everything in my inventory when i reloaded into the game?

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Gonna go ahead and add mine in here. I got the same error while rapidly adding fibrous leaves to a pile. I did not lose anything from my inventory and relogging stopped the error from repeating.

I tried to pick up a coconut at the same time as my friend did (co-op). He got the coconut and I got a null-coconut in my inventory, it’s there, I just can’t equip it or use it. Any coconuts I pick up after get added to the null-stack.