[NS] Starting crate

When i finish the game and restart, i forget to pick the starting crate option so i exit the game and restart again only to find it gone, im told this shouldn’t happen

Hi Goji-v, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue. Can you confirm for me if you restarted the game in the same save slot, or if you created your save in a new one?

Please also let me know if in your title [NS] refers to Nintendo Switch as this will determine which team I pass these details onto. Thank you.

NS is referring to nintendo switch, a d i did start the game on the same save slot

Thank you for confirming that you are playing on the Nintendo Switch and that you started the game on the same slot. I will pass these details onto the Switch Team for them to investigate.

If you create a new save in a different slot, is the option to use the starting crates still missing?

Thank you for your diligence, making a new save in a different slot has no affect

Thank you for confirming, I’ll add this note to the details I have submitted.