Nintendo Switch ver. 1.03.703 - Patch Notes

Hi Everyone,

The 1.03.703 update for Stranded Deep on the Nintendo Switch is scheduled to start rolling out on 2022/02/28 at 00:00:00 (CET). Please see below for Fixes, Changes and details on a New Craftable Item added to the game!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scenario that could cause player to lose interaction after extended play time.
  • Fixed foliage, trees, bushes, and grass lighting.
  • Fixed ‘Boars’ falling through terrain.
  • Fixed ‘Snakes’ falling through terrain.
  • Fixed gibs falling through terrain.
  • Fixed various items with small or thin colliders falling through terrain.
  • Fixed duplicate LODs enabled and visible.
  • Fixed ‘Boars’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Crabs’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed ‘Sea Urchin’ not being included in Wildlife settings.
  • Fixed Megalodon mission appearing in Eel mission.
  • Fixed Squid buoy not floating on water.
  • Fixed white texture on boat motor model.
  • Fixed Fish Trap displaying un-localized texts.
  • Fixed food ‘Smoked’, ‘Cooked’, ‘Spoiled’ display name prefixes stacking.
  • Fixed animals not fading out after skinning.
  • Fixed notification toggle remaining on screen when there is no current objective.
  • Fixed glitchy interaction with Water Still.
  • Fixed sail missing animation.


  • Improved clarity of Watch text.


  • Added new craftable item Piles!

You can create a pile by looking at or holding an item that you have 2 or more of in the surrounding area. Use the Quick Craft menu to craft a ‘pile’ of that item, which is shown by a new pile icon in blue. Piles are free to create and store 1 type of crafting item. The supported items are: Sticks, Rocks, Palm Fronds, Lashings, Fibrous Leaves, Clay, Logs and Coconuts. The capacity for most items is 50x, but can vary depending on the item.

You withdraw and deposit items just like a storage container. The first item stored assigns the type of pile it is. You can remove all items and re-assign a pile at any time. When you withdraw all items from a pile, it will simply disappear.

Items stored in a pile are available and can be used when crafting without having to manually remove them from a pile. Note: Pile materials will be used last.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of Stranded Deep as our team continues to work on issues reported to us by the community.

::Stay Alive!
Beam Team

Wow, Nintendo Switch got Piles.

How long do PS/XB have to wait?


Hey, may i know is there in switch we can craft the wood container or not?

im not here to complain. just comment on issues and questions since switch 1.03 update

will the switch get co-op? will or when will the switch get lan/local wireless/online?

1.03 update. when crafting, it doesnt use from the same inventory slot. it skips to the next slot.
slot 1 clay 4
slot 2 clay 4

after craft
slot 1 clay 2
slot 2 clay 2

Hi budbud, welcome to the forums, sorry for the delay in responding to your message.

I unfortunately do not have any information regarding the switch getting local or online co-op for Stranded Deep. If the team decides to do this, it will be announced in its own post in the News and Announcements section.

Regarding your crafting issue, thank you for reporting it, I will note it for the team. It is my understanding that when you are crafting, rather than using all of the crafting materials in one slot first, the items can be taken from multiple slots, resulting in you needing to rearrange your inventory yourself. Is this correct? Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood.

If you have any other issues you wish to report, please create a Bug Report in the Console Bug reports section to ensure I do not miss it.

Thank you

@the slot bug

its ok. just curious. i have kids and we always play multiplayer games together. im just hoping for multiplayer with the kids. for us, its not stressful game with children.

Thank you for confirming Budbud, I’ll let the team know.