Nintendo Switch ver. 1.02 Patch Notes

Hi Everyone,

Below are the patch notes for an update that was released for the Nintendo Switch on 2021/09/30 for your reference.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed unable to save game or progress when network disconnected

  • Fixed unable to collect Yucca Fruit from Yucca.

  • Fixed Label-maker model looking incorrect

  • Fixed Label-maker allowing Json reserved characters which could break save files

  • Fixed Sail ghost model missing faces

  • Fixed Sail ghost model looking incorrect when placing

  • Fixed Young Palm model looking incorrect

  • Fixed Plank Arch LOD issue

  • Fixed Wood Arch model looking incorrect

  • Fixed Spyglass model looking incorrect

  • Fixed crafted buildings showing as white squares from a distance

  • Fixed Watch UI text positions

  • Fixed being able to swim through Shipwreck floors and walls

  • Fixed Shipping Containers duplicating when reloading.

  • Fixed Aircraft Carrier missing textures

  • Updated package icon.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Stranded Deep as we continue to work on issues reported to us by the community.

::Stay Alive!
Beam Team