[nintendo switch]The switch version is too unstable

I am a Korean switch user who left a few posts. I tried to endure some bugs and play. However, there is an unbearable bug.

I want to talk about some questions and serious bugs.

  1. Is the map size of ps4, ps5, xbox, pc different from the switch?
    When you sail on a raft, you can see the same islands several times. No matter how far you sail, it seems to hover around the same place. In the end, I have this suspicion.
    “Is the map smaller than other platforms?(pc,console)”

  2. It was updated a week ago on the switch.
    What improvements did you make?

  3. I put the sleeping bag on the raft. It is well stored in the sea near the island.
    However, it cannot be stored in the middle of the sea other than near the island.

  4. At the end of the map, there is a light green buoy.
    Sometimes you can ride a raft and go near the buoy.
    Sometimes, when you go near the buoy on a raft,
    The game suddenly turns off as an error is displayed.

Problems 3 and 4 seem to be serious.
It’s enough to make the mind to enjoy the game disappear.

I don’t think I’ll play Stranded Deep until the bug gets better.
Please give me confidence that the switch team is trying to improve the bug.

Hi Ebdbbdd, welcome to the forums,

  1. The map size is the same as the PlayStation and Xbox versions. However, the PC has a larger map than the console versions. Can you elaborate on this island you are seeing? Is it beyond the line of green buoys?

  2. I am not sure about this, I have sent a message to a member of the team to try and get this information for you.

  3. This may be due to the loading points of the islands. Midway between two islands is the point when the island you are leaving starts to unload and the island you are going to starts to load in. If you were to save in this spot it may cause spawning issues when reloading the game. Does this answer your question? If not, please elaborate on the issue you are experiencing.

  4. Can you tell me what error message you recieve when you are close to this buoy? Does the game shut down when this happens?
    The line of buoys signify the edge of the map in game.

I will pass all of these onto the team working on the Switch version. Any extra information you can give me about these issues would be greatly appreciated as it can help in investigating the issues further.

You mentioned you have made a few posts before and I see there are multiple accounts tied to the same Email / IP. If there is a technical reason you are not using the other accounts, please let me know and I will try to resolve any account issues for you (any sensitive information should be sent via direct message). If not, please stick to one account on the forums, thank you.

First of all, I will attach a picture.

  1. The first picture is an alarm for an error I mentioned a few days ago.
    I’ll explain it in detail.
    Once, I went through a green buoy on a raft.
    After passing the green buoy, we know that there is nothing.
    This is not a problem.

However, just by approaching the green buoy several times, you will get a notification about the same error as the first picture.
It is when the distance between the green buoy and the raft is about 15-20m.
(I’m not sure about the distance)

When a notification about an error appears, you have no choice but to click OK.Then the game turns off.
There’s nothing I can do when a notification about an error appears.
(Approaching to the green buoy does not necessarily lead to an error notification.
I received notifications about errors about 4 out of 10 situations.)

I’m not sure if these bugs appear in a specific area on the game map or in a way that no one knows.
Please check this part.

  1. In the bottom left of the second picture, you
    You will be able to see an article that says, “You can’t save here.”
    I don’t know what Clare’s answer means…
    However, it is certain that it is not the answer to the problem I found.

Now, I will explain the problem in detail.
Spread the sleeping bag on the raft.
If a raft is near the beach on any island, it is well stored in a sleeping bag.
However, if the raft is about 10 meters away from the beach,
You can see a notice saying that it cannot be saved like the second picture.
You can’t store anything from about 10m to more than that on the beach.

And regarding the account, I sent a message.

Hi Ebdbbdd,

Thank you for providing those images.

  1. Thank you for elaborating on what you have experienced. I will inform the Switch team and pass on the details you shared so the team can try to replicate the same issue on their end and hopefully find the cause of this issue.

  2. With regards to the second image, I believe this may be a safety feature. In the past, there were issues with players saving on their raft in the ocean, but when they loaded their game the raft was missing and they were left swimming in the open ocean. This is my theory but I will pass these details onto the Switch team as well as if it is a bug and not a safety feature, they will want to investigate.

Thank you for your quick response. Of course, it is positive that it cannot be stored in a sleeping bag because of its safety function!!

This is so natural. However, it was so absurd to see an error notification suddenly appear as in the first picture when playing the game.

That’s why I asked you if you could save it in the sleeping bag of the raft.

This is because when exploring islands, even if an error notification suddenly pops up, you can call up what you saved in your sleeping bag a few minutes ago.

I hope the error in the first picture can be corrected quickly… Are the problems related to bugs that I inquired about in the past being fixed? Any news from switch teams?

Hi Ebdbbdd,

Thank you for your understanding. I shall also pass feedback about this onto the team in case they wish to change the messaging to make it clearer for players.

With regards to other issues reported, I have not heard back from the team, but my contact with them is not as direct as it is for the other teams. Should I hear anything back from them, I will let you know here as you are using this as your main account.

Thank you so much for your answer!

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