Nintendo switch building problems

Hi…just bought the new intendo switch oled…been playing stranded deep for a couple days…try to build a building but when building a wooden foundation…the floor part don’t show up…then I try to build a floor and put it on wood foundation…can attach…is tgere a problem with nintendo switch running this game

Hi Morne, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue when playing Stranded Deep on the Switch.

When building a structure, the foundation part acts as a foundation and as the botton floor of the building. Floor pieces are then designed to be used as the the ceiling / next floor up and can be attached after walls are added.

When constucting pieces, the framework will appear first and then you need to continue hitting the pieces with your hammer to finish the construction.

I hope this info helps. If I have misunderstood the problem you are having, please let me know and elaborate further on your experience where possible. Clips can also be benifical as I may be able to spot where the issue is occuring and offer suggestions.