Next Gen Update, ps5, Xbox series X

There are updates every year, and it´s been 3 years since the next gen consoles rolled out. However your game runs on consoles at only 30fps 1080p. I mean, I would appreciate at least 60fps, ommiting the resolution. Me and my friend have bought this game a year ago, but stopped playing until there is a next gen update. This game has so much potential, that it can’t even be put in words. But with playthrough so laggy that you can’t pick up a stick on the first try, because your 30fps motions will make your aim dizzy and inaccurate, it cannot be enjoyed as a playful activity, rather an agony in your free time… I feel a little bit unjustly treated as a console player compared to our PC fellas playing at whatever framerate and resolution, which they can select in the menu of the game. All we get for the same money on consoles is 1080p 30fps? I think your customers should be treated justly… It is up to you still, but it’s a pity for such a gorgeous potential to be wasted.

Please give it a go. Best regards

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