New set of vocals/sounds for Harvesting Meat

Please make a new set of vocals/sounds that are more appreciative/respectful to the poor critters that just lost their lives so that we might live longer.

If other players like the current set, fine, please give us a User Preference option to choose which set we want…?

Or maybe just put a “Days Survived” limit on it and stop playing those extra sounds for the experienced Survivor that aught to be used to it by now… (not like we don’t have an abundance of salt water to wash off in, the Sea is our bathtub!) haha!

I’ve visited here several times in the past starting this post and then canceling it and trying to just ignore the matter… But i’m finding it increasingly annoying to listen to my avatar go “eww” or what ever when harvesting meat that’s going to keep them alive. It’s more then annoying really, it’s kinda insulting…


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I once suggested that the things daid improve as your cooking level increases

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