New saves required for fix?

It will be necessary to delete the previous saved games that have the error, after the update and start a new game or the patch will fix the saved games that have the interaction error.

Is this an actual fix though ? Or will peoe delete there MASSIVELY investment game for the save freeze bug to happen on day 2 or 3 off there new save ?

from what i have read it should fix your previously saved games as well.

It hasn’t fixed anything. I still have the same issues. Rip offs

@DeathBknowN did you delete a savecand try again ?

I still have issue with it. It’s a unplayable.

Yes I did with my sons aswell and happened again on PS4

they havent releast the fix for ps4 yet.

Is this Xbox?. Of coarse they did that 1st

microsoft approved it. sony has yet to do so. from what ive read on other comments in the forums.

That sucks. Thanks for info. Fingers crossed it comes soon on PS4

Hi JARO666, welcome to the forums.

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The fix should retroactively fix all previously affected saves, you should not need to start a new save unless you want to.

You did not mention which console you are on, the fix has started rolling out on XBox and will be released for PlayStation as soon as it’s approved by Sony.