New Player advice

If you could give one advice on what to do within the first “2” days, what would that be? I watched some videos and they point towards gathering fibrous leaves, sticks, canvas…to make a raft. Then it really doesn’t go beyond that. What should I concentrate on making first? Should I make my home at the original island? Is there a better island to go to for that? Is getting fresh water more important than setting up base? Or should I concentrate of collecting pipi to make antidotes?

first two days, getting fresh water, food and weapons/tools should be a priority. get stocks so that you can move to different islands with out health depletion. you can set up home island where ever you like the more you explore the more resources you find.

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Turn wildlife to passive and go to an island across from you that’s big with mountains. It will have most of your resources, also, giant hogs and giant crabs will respawn, but since they will be on passive they won’t attack, only run. Easy food and leather for you, also lots of small palms and usually 2 or 3 yucca trees around to keep you going. When you think you’ve built up hunting and strength enough, turn off passive and start hunting sharks. Depending if you need LG meat or leather, sharks give 3 LG meat and 3 raw hide, giant hogs give 2 LG meat and 4 raw hide