New ideas for crafts

I just now got another round of ideas while thinking about ropes.

  1. Rope Bridges. These would be crafted exclusively from the following sets of materials based on level/craft tier.
  • Lashings for the lowest-level building craft (easiest to build, no hammer needed)
  • Lashings and Wood Sticks (this will be the first Hammer craft, like wood foundation)
  • Lashings and Planks (plank-tier craft, follows the same rules)
  • Lashings and corrugated scrap (the scrap being the platform, with lashings connecting each length in the form of a bridge)
    This craft would not have a Brick version, unless the designers can come up with a way to make a rope-and-brick bridge. These structures would be used to connect Foundations and Floors to each other, requiring fewer limited resources than just crafting more foundations or floors.
  1. Fishing docks. Basically, a craftable structure that can be placed in deeper waters, but must connect to a Foundation and can be no further from said foundation than 5 platforms in a given direction. This way, people can fish from these docks in deeper waters, but without leaving their islands to do so. They would use lashings, and either planks or wood. The lashings will connect each piece to the adjacent ones, and the wood or planks will be the walkable surface. They’ll float as well, but be tied to an anchor point (the foundation) to prevent them floating away.

  2. Survival shelters. I see survivor wreckage and shelters in various islands, and find myself wishing we could craft some of our own from palm fronds and whatever other loose resources we can find. That would be a very fun craft to have in a survival game like this, and will bring even more realism to the journey. Maybe even craft makeshift sleeping spots (not save shelter, but more like a spot to nap if we’re tired).

  3. Sleeping spots (mentioned in idea #3). These sleeping spots would be the bare bones of a bed, mostly just fibrous leaves and maybe moss or some other soft material we could put into the survival shelters. They can’t be placed outside these survival shelters, and can’t be transported or moved. They also can’t be used to save the game, as it’s more for added aesthetic, and for those who want to just nap to pass time in the game. The benefit is that these sleeping spots can be used regardless of the time, but have the same consequences that sleeping at a save spot would, such as gaining hunger and thirst from the time missed. They’ll benefit people who prefer to do stuff at any hour of the day in-game, so they won’t have to break every other night to sleep.

  4. Aesthetic crafts. Things like sculptures to add some personality to the inside of our base camps or shelters.

  5. Glass crafting. Sand can become glass when heated enough. Why not craft some glass items, like windows or dishes to cook more complex meals?

  6. Meals. We have seagull eggs, fish, crabs, and wild hog. We’ve got some fruit and potatoes. We can pot water using flasks of different designs. We have a tool to skin and cut with. Maybe one day we can craft meals, like pork and potatoes? Maybe a fish fillet with a side of crispy potato slices? Perhaps make a clay pan and scramble some eggs, cut a slab of hog into bacon strips, and have a true breakfast to start the long day of surviving on the island? Even better if you offer a plate to Wollie. I’d love to see some of these food ideas in the game, but I can understand if graphics might not allow for it right now.