New idea for watering plants

Can you add a feature where we need to collect items to built a automated watering system after we have progressed in the game.
So we do t have to run around all the time filling the flasks.
Have like a big container so we have to fill with water and then from there bamboo sticks with a small powered pump that runs in battery to water the garden


Or even a windmill that can work as a motor to pull up water and send down to the bamboo


Love the suggestions SaluteKiller, especially the windmill.
I can’t say when or if a suggestion might be implemented at this time, but we’ll pass them on to the team.

Keep an eye on the announcements section and keep them coming! :sunglasses:

Yes! There’s plenty of machine parts that I feel go under utilized, enough to make simple gadgets


This would be awesome as keeping up the watering can be more annoying than hard at a certain point and it could give a us more uses for all those parts.

please make this happen. it gets so annoying running back and forth to water. i spend more time watering than i do anything else. please ad something like this.

or atleast a way to gather in bulk. maybe turn a barrel into a gathering device so you could fill up all water holders at once instead of running around to ten different water stills.

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We already have everything needed to auto water plants just need new craftable items.

Allow water stills to be placed on a foundation (as a tank stand )

Create a new craftable item involving barrel and existing water still

Create a new craftable item from corrugated iron that let’s water run from still to farm plot with say 2 plots per water still

All that’s left to do is add fibre as needed


Id be happy with letting a fibrous leaf pile touching a water still auto refilling it. Not a bad idea though!


I agree, it could also be as simple as connecting a water sill to the plot. Make the structure substantially larger, but if you had a plank plot for 8, then a water still doing 4 + 4, this would be hugely beneficial and double the effective time you can leave it alone.

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Or being able to use a fuel can for water storage and attaching it to a water still. You could collect water in the fuel can, and use that to water your plants, maybe a capacity of 10. If you set a fuel can on the ground, you could drink from it, or fill a clay flask or coconut flask. It’s not a huge change from the materials and objects already present.


This would be amazing! I’ve thought that it seems there’s enough items to build a simple irrigation system, especially one that could hold 20 or so leaves/fronds. Would love this in the game!

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Yes love this idea maybe as simple as building a water still on the corner of a grow plot?

Would honestly just love farming made more simple and being able to expand on previously built constructs. Maybe let us snap together more things other than foundations and the like

or even just the option to fill up the jerry can to hold say… 20 water? would make it alot easier.

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Very cool ideas, so many possibilities with this game! :slight_smile: