New Building feature is AWFUL!

Im not going jumping through the hoops, its the current version on PS4. SINGLE PLAYER.

I am quickly running out of patience with this game. The save function is still sketchy at best… you never know when it will save or when it wont. its a guessing game.

But NOW… basically the only reason I still play the game is to build cool houses. The updated build function is TERRIBLE. You can no longer rotate pieces IF you can get them to attach. Just aggravated because I was just in the tail end of building my best house yet. Let me know when its fixed… til then Ill be taking a break.

I found that holding the bumpers (on xbox at least) for a few seconds got the items to rotate, much longer press than before.

Hi JayBryd1979,

The delay in the bumper buttons (as Spr1ntee mentioned above - Thanks!) is something the team are looking into after feedback from players regarding the update to 2107. If you are experiencing other issues with building I would greatlly appreciate a description of your experience so I can pass this onto the team. Everyone likes to build in different ways, so knowing how each player is affected can be very helpful.

Thank you.

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I would say ALL players like to be able put things where they want them. Especially since we were able to until this update. Honestly its nothing but constant issues. Im moving on.

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