Need to drink more water?

Is it just me? I find myself needing to drink water more often now with the new update. Same goes for eating and finding shade.

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Nope, not just you.

I felt I was losing hunger and thirst faster than before the update therefore reaching starvation and dehydration quicker. I use to be able to go a full day and well into the night before I’d get warnings he’s tired, hungry and thirsty

Isnt water, is hydrate state. The Sun now is much stronger, any sunlight will obliterate your SPF bar. Before the patch you were vulnerable only between 9:00 and 15:00. Any difficult adition is welcomed, make sure to play on shade.

I also was shocked at how drained my dude gets during the day. :hot_face:

Okay, I thought I was going crazy. Glad to know it’s not just me that noticed this lol.

Thanks man. I appreciate the guidance!

Yeah, noticed that too. The sun thing is especially annoying, as it doesn’t make the game more difficult, just much more tedious. Would be glad if they take that change back.

It was far too easy before, I could work all day in sunlight and only worry about sun at 14:30, and at 15:00 the Sun was gone. Never used aloe before now I really need to take care of my skin, for me this is how it should have been from the start

To be fair, the increased degradation of your spf is still trivial, because eating a single aloe plant immediately restores your spf to full

I think they should make the old way an “easy” mode.

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I need to craft a bigger hat because this new sun is burning me up!!!