Need Some Advice on Advanced Survival Strategies and Crafting Tips

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I have been thoroughly enjoying my time with Stranded Deep; but I am hitting a point where I feel like I need some advice from more experienced players to enhance my survival skills and crafting efficiency. I am currently on day 30; and while I have a decent base and some basic supplies; I know there is a lot more I could be doing to thrive rather than just survive.

What are some of the best strategies for building a more fortified and functional base? I have got the basics down; but I am looking to expand and want to ensure my base is both safe from any threats and efficient for accessing resources and crafting stations.

I’m familiar with basic crafting; but I’d love to know more about the most useful advanced items and tools. What should I prioritize crafting to make my survival easier in the long run? Any tips on efficiently gathering the necessary resources would be greatly appreciated as well.

While I have managed to stay fed and hydrated; I feel like I am constantly scrambling for food and water. What are some sustainable strategies for maintaining a steady supply? Are there particular crops or hunting methods that you have found to be particularly effective?

I have explored a few nearby islands; but I want to venture further without getting lost or stranded. What are some tips for successful navigation and exploration; especially when it comes to finding rare resources or avoiding dangerous creatures?

Thankyou in advance
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Deploy plenty of fish traps at the Cod swimming level, maybe 10 of em, and have a steady supply of medium cod filets.

Have lots of water collectors and don’t worry too much about even feeding them leaves, they fill with rainwater little by little - just have a lot of em.

Grow lots of yucca plants, as wood is finite and needed for builds, but fibrous leaves can supply fire pits, potato stills, and water collectors with burnable material.

Explore islands for shipwrecks, but prioritize building materials, lanterns, refined hammers, rations & beans - everything else is trivial.

Utilize some tested and true exploits to save your tools :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :hammer_and_pick:

Find out the tricks to kill the bosses easy!
You can escape this world in a day . . . But why?

I only die from falling now - off of my castles in the sky . . . :rofl: :partly_sunny:

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