Need more things in game

Do love the game alot love playing it but things like only 2 players at a time if ask me 4 players at a time would be perfect. The minor glitches fixed like the raft, items and stuff vanishing. The loading thing it does when going from island to island. Also need to add more animals and stuff. Ohh an would be great if can build walls an stuff on the raft. Ohh and why does it have to be male n female only n doesnt let u select when joining a friends game

I dont know which console you are on but i can choose male or female when joining my friends game on PS4, we both play as male.
I also agree with being able to build on a raft would be good

I hope we get 4 player coop at some point

Im on ps4 and it wont allow me or my friend pick between male or female it makes us 1 male n 1 female

That’s strange, as it lets me change to a male when im player 2 and my friend is hosting and he is a male too.