Natural Shark Boxing Champion

Silly little suggestion, though it would be quite funny and carry some bragging rights lol. What if the player would be able to punch creatures with their right hand when no item/weapon is being held? I don’t mean trees or other objects, just creatures. I know the left hand is still used for picking things up and moving them around without putting them in your inventory (which can be very useful for dragging, among other techniques) but as far as I know the right hand doesn’t have any use when unequipped. Perhaps even add an achievement for defeating every animal type with your bare hands? Obviously make the attack much weaker than the crude spear (or whatever the current weakest attack is) forcing someone to hit their target a large number of times before defeating it. I couldn’t think of a good name for the achievement on the fly lol. Maybe name it after that one guy in history that famously defeated a bear with his bare hands? Embarrassingly, I cannot recall this information fully because I have long since finished my “education” lol. Any elaborations or criticisms are most certainly welcome!