Multiplayer Xbox series S and Xbox one: multiplayer issues

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The game version number can be found at the bottom left of the main menu.

Seed# 736272
But has occured on multiple seeds.

With the crates and piles, since the most recent update, Player 2 cannot see inventory anymore inside the crate/pile. The items are glitched on their screen outside the crate at times but they cannot interact with them. They can place things in the seemingly empty crate even though its not empty and even full, and if i try to retrieve the item they placed, it will disappear out of the world when I go to use it. Also when fishing the bobber gets stuck glitching in front of player 2 and they are unable to cast. Also entire things are disappering for player 2, shelter, water, crates, everything. Trued restrting wifi and consoles on both ends, both are wired connections and happens when either player hosts. Both have newest updates as well. It makes the game impossible to play with someone else because all your work disappears.

And i am in the same room as Player 2 and they didnt disconnect nor shut off their game and their game is fully updated.

No settings were changed on either side and there are no custom islands

If i put anything in a crate the other player cannot see it, but if they do i can see it but cannot remove the item. As far as the fishing goes just fishing causes it. Also when player 2 dies and reloads into game and when player 1 logs out and back in, things are not interactable or visable to player 2. This happens even if you wait until the next day. The stuffs still gone!

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console?
Yes all of the above

-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console


-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not.

Theres nothing that can be done and found no work arounds. In my opinion the players should not be responsible for finding workarounds for issues in your coding and game.

I apoligise if i came off harsh. It just gets very frustrating because it is a good game and putting hours and hours into it and losing everything gets frustrating.

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Hi Lilcutechar, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your message and follow-up message.

Thank you for reporting these issues, I have commented on each below. If I missed anything, please let me know.

Items in crates and floating outside:

  • This is an issue the team are aware of and are currently working on. They believe the issue that is preventing player 2 from seeing items inside the crate may also be causing the items to float outside of it. As the contents of the crates are not syncing between Player 2 and the host, this could be the reason items placed in a crate where the contents cannot be seen by Player 2 are vanishing. I will make sure to note this for the team so they can look at this aspect of the issue when testing the fix for it. Currently the workaround for this issue is for the host to remove all items from the crate and replace them. This should allow Player 2 to see all the items and use the crate storage as intended. However, understandably, players find this time consuming if they have a lot of crates, and the workaround will reset when the game is reloaded.


  • Thank you for reporting this issue. I will report this to the team so they can investigate. Can you confirm for me if both Player 2 and the host are fishing at the same time or in close proximity when this occurs or if Player 2 has experienced this when fishing on their own?

Items vanishing:

  • This sounds like this may be due to a desync between Player 2 and the Host. Please let me know…
    • Am I understanding correctly that you are in the same household on the same connection?
    • Have you tried both being on wifi (not wired) or a variation of one on wired, one on wifi?
    • What is the NAT type of your connection (this can be found in the network settings on each console)
    • What region are you playing in?
    • Do you have another connection type you can try? Such as 4/5G? Or another independant wifi connection? This may help narrow down if the issue is in the consoles on the same connection or something else.
    • Please also let me know what router and ISP provider you are using.

I completely understand these issues are frustrating, and we would never expect users to hunt bugs or provide workarounds on our behalf. Knowing what you tried and details about your gameplay experience, including if you found a way around an issue, can help the team to investigate further and is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

[Edit: updated to include additional question from the team]