Multiplayer items

Hello. First of all, i want to say thank you, for fixing last bug. Me and my friend, finaly can go more than 6 days) But, we have the same bug as Shmule. When I made water skin, after few days, game disconect me, from my friend. I login again, and there is a two ways. If I have water skin in my hands, before disconect, i cant interract with it. I cant fill it, and cant drink. When i drop it, my friend, can communicate with it. Second way: if I dont have water skin in my hands, there is no bug. But, after disconect, I can lose all my items and pouch. I have and dont have pouch at the same time. If i made first pouch, before disconnect, i can make pouch second level, but cant interract with first one.

Animals were turned passive before this.

-Have you tried reloading your save, game or console? —-Yes
-Have you tried clearing the cache of the console by shutting down for 2 mins before rebooting? —Yes
-Is there anything else you tried to alleviate the issue? Please let us know whether it was successful or not. —- Yes, we delete all saves, but its dont help

Hi Kosetsky, welcome to the forums.

I have moved your post to a new topic so I can follow up with you on it but also because it sound both similar and slightly different to the issue Shmule reported. There are also two separate issues within your report.

With regards to inventory resetting as well as the toolbelt/pouch, the team is aware of this issue. Please let me know if you had anything in your pouch when this issue occurred for you and if your friend has experienced this issue at all when playing.

With regards to your waterskin, can you confirm for me that the issue with interacting with your waterskin occurs if you disconnect from the game while it is in your hands, but if it is not in your hands when you disconnect there is no issue with the water skin? - I want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, please let me know if I’ve missed anything.

Please also confirm for me, when these issues occur, are you the host of the multiplayer game or have you joined your friend’s game as player 2?

Thank you.