Multiplayer Chat Feature

It was stated in the Q&A that there are no plans to offer an in-game chat for PC. I have some questions about this.

1: Are you aware that on PC there is no way to know what your teammates steam or epic username is? When a person tries to enter your game the approval UI shows the name of the guest’s desktop on their PC. Making it impossible to reconnect.

2: Did you know that the creative geniuses that play Stranded Deep have been using the Label Maker to exchange information to connect on discord, steam etc.?

3: What was the reason for disabling the Label Maker in multiplayer?

4: Why wasn’t it in the patch notes?

Possible fixes for this.
The obvious one, introduce a chat feature. Even if it’s text only…
Instead of showing the PC Desktop username, show the steam/epic username
Make a description box for multiplayer games. A place where the host can describe what their game is about and put in their discord info.
Extend the current character limit in the “Name of your game” and allow special characters.
Example: I cannot name my game “Need help getting clay! discord me name#number”
Oh and Discord usernames are case sensitive, and the UI for naming your game is all CAPS by default.
Re-enable the label maker.

5: If the Stranded Wide MOD group created a simple text chat feature for Co-Op, would Beam Team consider implementing it? Since the coding is not “the fun kind of code to write” Would they consider (tbd) compensation for doing it?

5a: If no, would you consider MOD support in the workshop so people can choose for themselves?


Totally agree with all of this! Multiplayer needs some form of communication!

Bumping this topic. Many are asking why the label maker was disabled.