Multi-player question/concern

My question/concern is that my nephew and I were playing I was host and he kept getting kicked. Is this happening to anyone else? Also when he joins back he has to start all over with his leveling. Is that how it’s supposed to be or is there a problem. He also could not save. Or is only the host allowed to save.

I got kicked while playing with a friend but i think it has something to do with the servers because on my own region i was getting 300ping, and no anyone should be able to save at a shelter in-game. I don’t know about the leveling issue, me and my friend stayed the same level and shared levels.

Hi John85, welcome to the forums

It sounds like there could be an issue in your multiplayer game. If you wouldn’t mind submitting a bug report with details of what console you’re on, your multiplayer game settings and regions used and any further details about what your nephew experienced that you can think of and I’ll pass it onto the team for them to investigate.