Moving crafting stations & placed items

It’d be nice if we were able to move crafting stations and certain other static items after they’ve been placed.

In terms of realism, it would make sense for us to be able to pick up some of the stations to place them somewhere else. The best examples I can think of (because I had to break them down and re-craft them yesterday): light hooks, storage container shelves, plank station, loom, tanning rack and smoker. It wouldn’t make sense to be able to move a fire/fire pit, but I wouldn’t have much trouble transferring the smoker from one fire pit to another. Same goes for the loom and tanning rack, though the plank station may take two people. Moving shelters and water stills would be helpful, as well, but perhaps a bit less realistic (given how they’re constructed for the in-game models).

As far as I know, if your crafting skill is maxed, you get all of your resources back, but this would still save time and make building your workshop much easier. Plus, it sucks having resources glitch through the floor and disappear after you break something down.

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