More Uses for Engine Parts

I’m not too far into the game just yet (no spoilers please :slight_smile: ) but I don’t see much usage for the abundance of engine parts. I have a ton of them, but they’re only used for an engine on the raft (and I can’t see a reason for building more than one or two of those). Maybe they’re used for the quadcopter too? But still that’s only two or three things. So my suggestion is to either make them much more rare, or add more uses for them. Maybe both? Some additional uses could be:

  • Generators – Could power simple lootable (not craftable) items such as light bulbs
    • Perhaps add a lootable manual that unlocks the ability to craft rudimentary electrical components which then unlocks the ability to make crafted electronics
      • For example, a ceiling fan made from sticks and palm fronds or a pressure plate switch to trap crabs or boars
    • The parts for these electric motors could be loot items or broken down from engine parts
  • Water pumps (for irrigation of crop plots, but that’s a different topic :slight_smile: )