More useful Torch Lights

Please make torch lights more useful. I get so many of these sometimes but they only work when held in hand.

-allow them to be on while sitting on ground like the lantern lights
-allow them to be made into spotlights that can be used on boats to see our way at night, near houseing to light up an area, or point it out to sea to light your way home like a light house? This would be awesome
-mount it to wall or roof pointing down using hook as an indoor, outdoor or boat lighting?
-make a head light that is its own slot like toolbelt and have it automatically turn on at night.
Please consider thank you


Love and support your idea but I wonder does develop team will spend time do sth for it in near future

It would be nice for them to implament some other use for them. i have piles of them. i beleive they could be very use full. Hopefully soon