Mooring raft ropes to attach raft to docks

I’m not sure how best to do this but a system that allows the player to attach a rope to their raft and pull it towards a dock/structure and secure it. Currently trying to direct the raft to the right place is tricky especially with the islands surrounds being shallow making it a raft-trap.


The problem with the ropes is that they are in the game, but many of the possible uses have been missed.

Agreed, why cant we make hammocks? Rope ladders? Leash for your pet crab? Jack sparrow up some sea turtles and ride em to the next island? The possibilities are endless.

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I think sea turtle surfing is pretty much THE priority in my mind lol

As in get drunk and wait for the next ship? That’s what he actually did :wink:.

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This infinity of possibilities is also a problem. It’s so hard to stop suggesting when you see how much else can be changed.

But this is also why the forum was created.

I think a ‘roadmap’ for Stranded Deep would be helpful for making suggestions. Even in a very general outline.

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I’m trying to not swamp them with suggestions. I have so many ideas :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but aware than having ideas and implementing them is quite different. Currently the game is playable but feels very WIP.

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If you think your ideas are good, write. Maybe what seems impossible to you is possible. Or it will soon be possible.

I don’t want to swamp the devs with suggestions. WIP = work in progress.

I like your moderation. It’s a beautiful feature. But what will you think when the work on SD is completed by the end of the year? The time of suggestion will pass.

I am writing because SD captivated me. And even the lack of development will not change that.

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I like this idea. I’ve noticed that the anchors don’t hold the raft in place during large storms, and it’s frustrating watching them drift a bit from my dock despite the 6 rocks I wasted on the anchor.