Missing food items in crates Xbox One

It seems that when i drop (so far) uncooked fish into a storage crate it saves it ALL as cod instead of any other type of fish. I thought it was making items disappear, but its generalizing everything as one type. Which I csn deal with as im not losing it like originally thought.

On an old school Xbox One playing single player from GamePass, 70 days in.

Hi MissExodus666,

I believe fish types stacking together is by design with the number of fish displayed below and the “cod” label is from the first fish in that stack. If you drop all of your fish, in the stack, do you still have the different types? And if you pick them up in a different order, does the “cod” label remain or change to a different fish?

I do understand however how that can be confusing / lead you to believe you’ve lost items and I will pass this feedback onto the team.