Method for getting rid of unwanted items

It would be useful if there was some way to “trash” unwanted items, that would delete them from the game. I don’t know exactly what the best method would be of implementing such an option.

Also to this point, if some of the save crashing and disconnect issues are in fact related to having too many loose items around (some of which are often unnecessary) and people throwing junk in the ocean to dispose of it, then it could potentially help alleviate some of that.

Basically, I have several crates full of rawhide at this point and I don’t want to hoard seemingly infinite amounts of it, just in case hoarding could be causing disconnects for people. I also already have multiple crates full of leather waterskins from trying to use up the excess leather, lol.

Happy hoarding, fellow survivors! :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be useful. For now one workaround is to store your unwanted items in ship wreck lockers, such as the large container ship.

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I agree. I often wished I could trash items without leaving them on the ground somewhere.

As for the extra leather/Rawhide. Make yourself a crate full of refined Picks/Axes/Knives as a way to use up that leather and also make it so if your tool breaks, you already have backups. Although this requires a bunch of stone as well.

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I would do this except for the use of stone, have managed to use the same refined knife since the beginning of the game (at 2% durability, I only use it for skinning since that doesn’t decrease durability). And I use the plank station method to refresh my refined axe when needed without having to use any stones. I actually haven’t used any stone at all in the last 100 days or so of game time. Last thing I did with stone was make an anchor for my loaner raft, after my personal raft was fully established. I use Fibrous Leaves for campfires as well as water stills. Have gotten to a point where I no longer collect the smaller young palms that only give one Fibrous, and I only collect from the large Yucca plants that give six pieces for one strike with an axe (only uses .5% durability each strike and gain 6 Fibrous, same durability loss as getting one Fibrous from the small plants) and this has increased the lifespan of each refined axe exponentially. I won’t mind too bad if they do fix the plank station exploit, but for now it allows for almost limitless survival. Loving all the mechanics of this game, quite a learning curve at first to master all the elements. The extremely limited resources can be very challenging at first (especially on hard mode with no starter raft, and having never created an island for extra resources in any save), but so much fun!

Keep rising above the struggle, fellow survivors!

throw them in the deep end of the ocean. If you have more containers than you need, fill them up and toss the container into the deep end of the ocean.

Hi, I fully agree with this suggestion. For me as well, leather and other stuff found in crates / lockers is piling up.

We need some way to dispose of unnecessary / unwanted stuff. I was actually thinking about throwing away the stuff into the deep ocean (don’t tell Greta :grin:) just before I read about the issue, that this may be causing some crashes. You can only use so much leather for crafting. You only need one torch, maybe two if you accidentally lose one. Still need to figure out the need for flare guns / used air tanks… except crafting the spear gun (once). I could build three (close to four now) gyrocopters, but not using one of them because of the excessive fuel consumption and the lag/freeze that happens when returning to my island… (the gyrocopter would just stop working when the freeze happens - you can no longer operate/steer it - and it will fall into the abyss and the player lands in the water).

I have now moved some of the unwanted stuff to a neighboring island (using that as a garbage dump :grin:). But as this is only a workaround and the game still needs to track those items, even if they are on some other island, this could still be causing issues. As suggested, there should be a way to get rid of some of the stuff permanently.


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I personally haven’t created a custom island to farm for materials, I enjoy the extra challenge of surviving off limited resources. As far as I know this isn’t an option on multiplayer anyway, since the cartographer can only be used in single player. But for those who do use the cartographer, and since the issues with excess items causing disconnects seems to be primarily occurring in single player, I wonder if they could create a custom island and dump all unwanted items there and then go back home and delete that custom island? That might be one way of getting rid of unwanted items in single player. Just a thought, might be more hassle than it’s worth but wanted to throw the idea out there in case it could help someone make their game run smoother.

Happy surviving, everyone!

Yes, this is an option. I’ve done it. You can create custom islands in both Sigle and multiplayer. The cartographer works for both your single player and multiplayer saves simultaneously.

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As reading the post, I was going to suggest just that! I don’t accumulate a ton of unwanted stuff because I have farming islands that I just reload, so I just make a pile of unwanted items that I just leave behind. They get deleted along with everything else, and replaced with a fresh new island.

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Would be nice if we could incinerate any unwanted burnable items

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That’s what I was thinking, maybe be able to interact with the furnace to incinerate anything that wouldn’t logically burn on a standard campfire. Of course, you’d have to be careful not to discard the wrong item because it would be gone forever. Also, would be smart to make sure oxygen tanks were completely empty first! Lol. That could be bad. Oh, and NO jerry cans on the fire either. Most other things could probably be melted away. Definitely not a pressing issue, especially since I think I read that they already fixed the ocean dumping problems people were having. But perhaps more environmentally friendly, the oceans are already dirty enough. Lol.

Happy surviving, fellow stranded ones!

Here’s a seed with a containership on starting island,
4132021. Enjoy

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Is this on PC or console?

Ps4. Sorry, should have specified

I just swim out to where there is no bottom to the ocean and I drop unwanted stuff into the abyss.

Some items float around. I’ve seen stuff float all the way from one island and wash up on shore on another.

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I just traveled to one the islands in the far corners of my map, and found it littered with like 20 empty air tanks! When I’m looking for clay I will empty one and let it float away. Apparently the ocean currents deposited them all on this island in the far south.

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As far as I can tell, in all the seeds I’ve played in, the ocean current travels from NE to SW (right to left when viewing the cartographer) and I’ve even heard reports from other players that they’ve found floating items along the SW border of the playable area (the left edge of the cartographer). I haven’t set out to check this theory yet, because I rarely let the slightest material escape me, but might be worth checking out for any of you who do dump floating items in the ocean. Of course, as mentioned above, if you are lined up with another island directly to the SW of you when the item is dropped it will likely simply wash ashore that nearest island. I plan to test this sometime in the future, also not sure if the storms would affect this pattern because they certainly seem to affect raft direction. So storms may have a similar effect on floating items as well.

Thanks for the seed number @OldStoner