Metal tools and weapons


The tools in the game are well designed. But we can only make stone tools throughout the game. However, the metal ones would be stronger :axe: :pick: :dagger: :smirk:.

It would be good to add an iron deposit. But not necessarily. There is a sheet metal. An existing furnance can be used, although the temperature of melting the iron is higher than the temperature needed to burn the clay.

Maybe this way?

1st furnace + clay = mold for casting
2. furnace + sheet + mold = tool / weapon casting
3. casting + rope + stick = tool / weapon


  1. add: iron deposits
  2. furnace + iron = tool / weapon casting
  3. rope + stick + tool casting = ready tool / weapon


1.Add the ability to find iron tools or weapons.

Such a change would help to use less stone, rope and wood. Stone can be used to build foundations.


Loving all the suggestions adtto!
Keep them coming!

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Thank you for the kind words. :dolphin: :slightly_smiling_face:

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