Merge or divide slots for COOP and SINGLE

Hello guys,

while I understand the technical reason to create a separate data.json file for the COOP function, it seems to be a bit confusing what the goal is at the end.

  • There is the generated world on each slot.
  • data.json and data_MP_COOP.json share the same world

Is it planned to merge them or could it be divided?

If it is merged, you could start a single player game and multiplayer game with the same data.json. True a nice thing.

But if singleplayer and multiplayer mode have separate slots, then you could have 2x4 slots and don’t accidentally regenerate a random world and destroy therefore the data.json and the data_MP_COOP.json.

I tried myself to symlink it:

cd "$HOME/.config/unity3d/Beam Team Games/Stranded Deep/Data/Slot0"
ln -srfv data.json data_MP_COOP.json

So it seems to work that way.

Could anyone explain the plans of the future savegame handling? Will it be merged or divided?

Thanks for advance.

SD is still my favourite game on Linux for months. Thanks for the great and stable linux client!

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Hello, can’t you implement an online chat, so we can talk between players?