Maybe some changes?


  1. Endless world

If you reach the end of the map, you will continue your journey. The inscription says: You go out to the open Ocean. Are you fed up with food and drink to survive for days, weeks? (The ocean is generating in real time)(Immersion)

  1. Shark attack

The shark attacks when the player bleeds or when the player attacks it (risk of injury with little bleeding when exploring wrecks can be introduced) (calmer exploration).

  1. More information

What is the condition of items lying on the ground without having to pick them up. The degree of tool wear. How much fuel is there in the canister. What are in wooden containers without looking inside (faster action).

  1. Larger starting island

If not all the islands (more building space, easier to find).

  1. Adjustable time lapse

(sometimes the day is too short)

:dolphin: (6.)

Agreed about the day time. I wish the days were much longer. I don’t like doing too much at night for fear of stepping on a snake or that poisonous starfish thing and you basically can’t see anything (of course there is always the flashlight or lantern). I usually sleep just after dusk to get to the next daylight time.