Making new piles draws from nearest pile instead of inventory

Xbox1 - CoOp - 2111

When making a new pile, it pulls 2 items from the nearest pile of the same item instead of from my inventory. This was not happening before 2111.

So after making a new pile, I have to go top off that other pile then come back and resume filling this new pile.

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Hi Picaro, thank you for reporting this. I believe the team were working on the system that allows items to be pulled from piles for crafting. So I suspect that this is what’s happening here.

I’ll let the team know so they can look into it and consider adjustments.

This is currently as designed – crafting will use materials from the ground first, including any piles.

Well, can you please exclude the making of a new pile from “crafting” logic?

It’s quite annoying to have to go back and top off older piles that had just been full simply cause I needed a new pile to finish unloading into.

Thank you,

I have had the same issues since the update to 2111 as well. PS4 solo play.