Make bats/birds fly through objects *or* have them change their flight path if a structure is in the way

I doubt this will garner much attention from the devs as I’m sure it is an isolated problem that irritates only the hardcore builders, but I’ll throw it out there anyway.

The problem is that the birds/bats always fly the same flight paths, fly through structures like walls and floors, but hit objects that have been dropped, or in my case, maticoulsuly paced exactly where I want it. :rofl:

This means if you’ve built your home in their flight path, they will fly right through the walls and the push your sleeping bag or what ever you have placed in your building around. Making a mess and driving me crazy… :rofl:


Instead of roosting in trees they could go on the roof or edges to add the acknowledgement of your hard work. No clipping is fun and all but it gets annoying when they don’t even acknowledge it’s existence

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Hi, I fully agree with this. I have exactly the same issue with them. They are always messing up my crate collection :smiley:. And it is not only the bats/seagulls that glitch through structures.
It would be a great idea to utilize path-finding algorithms for this and have animals run/fly around obstacles.