Maintenance required

Please MAINTAIN your game !!

It’s been years I put it down after the coop add broke the game making it impossible to pick up any item therefore causing unpreventable death.

Now Crashes while trying to save over and over and over during a single play session. (Known bug since 2021)

Trying to place foundations anywhere is next to impossible. Everywhere is red. Why?? It should be merging with the landscape. Why can floors not be attached to foundations ? Steps can’t seem to be attacked to floors or foundations again always red “can’t be placed here”
Can’t place hooks or shelving. Building anything is a nightmare as it won’t allow it.

Click on world editor then click non red islands nothing happens other than each name of beam team island is displayed with no option to edit.

You could have a great game but refuse to put any maintenance/updates into it.

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If you are a stranded deep console fan and are wondering about when multiplayer is getting fixed it’s not, all we get is just empty promises and the same bs of “no information on the release of the update” when its been SO FREAKING LONG, its simple, the update should be out but the “BeAm TeAm” is the slowest team i have ever seen, you have such a huge fan base you ignore the fact that there are probably fans out there with more knowledge on how to fix this crap than you and would probably do it for free just to play… This game has been a poor excuse of a survival game from the start, even MaddVladd knew the beam team dont put priorities where they should be and he made you all popular