Magnet (Compass) trophy

I’m stuck on this trophy. If I use the world editor on the multi player will it block this trophy from popping.? Because my game plan is to just farm in order to kill the bosses & fix the plane then be done. Cause I have 300 days in my current & it didn’t pop ( I’m pretty sure I used a compass at some point) I have just had to start this game over & over & with the saving bug doing hours of work & nothing to show for it has me salty :laughing: thanks


Just don’t touch a compass at all, like never have it directly in your visible hand.
You can move it from crates to your inventory and drop it on the ground if you need to empty a crate, but avoid having it in your hand at any time.
There is a mounted compass on the gyrocoptor, but i don’t know if that counts as “using” it or not, so maybe avoid the gyro?