*[MAC-STEAM][0.9.11][COOP] Multiple bugs*

Playing on coop I am the host and my wife is the second player - using auto for server which chooses EU (which is sensible as we are in the UK).

Notification every time I load in that raft has floated very far away.

Boars and especially giant hogs wiggle about after they are dead.

Some sharks spin off when you finish skinning them.

Frequent disconnects for the second player. Sometimes when doing something - sometimes just when standing still or even when afk. This seems to have improved after the latest patch but replaced with serious lag making second player almost unplayable also affecting me as host but nothing like as much. Our island is loaded with things after 150 days game play time but this was not an issue the day before the latest 0.90.11 patch. The lag is so bad that my wife now cannot even see my avatar unless I stand still for a few minutes. Such bad lag that the game for her is now unplayable since the 0.90.11 patch.

Some items unable to be put in a box.

Achievements for second player not registering - 10 days on one island, 10 days without fish and without meat. We started at the same time for the food ones and I have the achievements but my wife does not.

Bugged inventory items - they are in the inventory and can be dropped but cannot go in boxes or be used. This might be a syncing issue due to the recent excessive lag?

Furniture, animal carcasses and other items dissapearing from home (including from upper floors)

Flying pigs and giant crabs - they run around high in the sky over the sea

Bugged light hooks and wood hooks - lanterns on them dissapear or sometimes go back into our lantern box - cannot destroy bugged light hooks or wood hooks

Since the latest patch 0.90.11 the game has becomes very laggy - especially for the second player.

Bugged inventory for second player - slots occupied by ‘ghost items’ - ie cannot drop them so inventory slowly fills up with items that do not exist.

Getting stuck in the wall or floor of a wreck - cannot move at all - this has happened 3 times. Twice I drowned but once despite being underwater simply could not move but breath did not go down.

Being spun into the air to the ceiling of the world when swimming under a wreck.

Since 0.90.11 my avatar as seen on my wife’s computer is very distorted.

Catching a giant grooper with the fishing rod but it is not in inventory or on our fishing dock (so dissapears when it is landed).

Sometimes speargun and fishing rods cannot be triggered - fired for speargun or casst for fishing rod.

Fruit is spoiling very quickly (less than a day) even when not picked from our planters

Sometimes cannot select a box on a shelving unit - the whole shelving unit is highlighted but cannot taget the individual boxes.

My wife is from Australia so as a compatriot asks you to solve these issues asap please as this is the only game we play together.

Not to mention the fact that the watch cannot be viewed on M1 Macs, and that was reported over 6 months ago. Can the Devs give us confirmation that these issues are actively being worked on? I didn’t buy the game to have an unplayable experience and wait a year for a patch to be pushed out that makes the game playable again.