[Mac][0.90.00][graphics] Exposure far too high during remote play

While playing a remote play two player game with a friend, the graphics become difficult to see properly as the exposure and/or brightness goes way up and none of the settings in graphics have any impact on it. It is tolerable during night time in the game or in the shade but out in the sunlight everything is far too washed out to see. This has been the case every remote play I have attempted in this game.


I have tried all preset options in graphics and have attempted changing the graphics settings through steam and on my computer. None of it made any difference. I changed a few settings and back again in graphics. No change.

-I’ve tried reloading and have checked my internet connection (strong). I’ve used lower and higher qualities. I’ve restarted my computer and closed all other applications. I have not tried reinstalling the game.

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Hi Charphlosion,

Thanks for all those details, can you provide a screenshot of what you are seeing please?
Is this on the PS4 version of the game played on a MAC via remote play?
Or a Steam/Epic version played with a remote service such as steamlink?

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Im playing PS4 and im having brightness issues as well, it is nearly impossible to see at nighttime and there’s no option to increase or decrease the brightness, my eyesight is horrible so its very difficult to play😭 and i love this game