Lusca The Great boss fight bug?

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Lusca the great boss fight is possibly broken on PS4.

During the fight, I am standing on my 3x3 raft. When I attack Lusca by throwing a spear, a sound effect plays and the boss uses a tentacle to hit me. However; these tentacles are incredibly broken. Sometimes the sound effect will play and 3-5 seconds later, the tentacle will appear and grab me. Other times the tentacle will appear before the sound effect plays. This makes the boss fight incredibly difficult as sometimes I will be grabbed into the water even though I dodged the tentacle perfectly, as it seems to auto lock onto the player.

No adjusted settings - solo.

Fight Lusca the great boss fight, use a raft and stay on it whilst throwing spears. When the “thwip” sound effect plays, the tentacle will often behave randomly. Often taking multiple seconds to attack the player, and other times running at a lower frame rate than the boss itself, making it almost impossible to dodge.

Not sure if this is a bug or an intended mechanic. But either way, on a laggy platform such as PS4, the fight is near impossible as dodging the tentacles is so random and off sync.

Hi ThatR3XZ,

Thank you for reporting this issue with the sound FX and tentacle attacks when fighting Lusca. I’ll alert the team to this issue so they can investigate it. While I do not believe it is an intended mechanic, I will share the details of your experience in my report so if it is they may wish to reconsider it.

I know you mentioned lag in the Extras section, but I was wondering do you experience any lag during this fight specifically or does the framerate drop appear isolated to the tentacle attacks?

Thank you again for reporting this.

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Make bigger raft. So when u throw spear you can run away from tentical. Mine is about 5x9. Put whole lot of roofs up for shading which u run through. Tenticles got me 3 times before boss was dead. Also use spears with rock point. Makes killing any animal easier

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