Lot of Hype and Happiness

After having the news that the update is near and they continue to work I have returned to be excited about the game I can not wait!

Me too although I would like to see more new things not just optimizations but to be fair this is a great game with so much more potential. Stranded deep 2??!!!

I personally hope we get the co-op implementation. My friend and I can’t wait to tag team this game. Yeah, we’ve both beaten it, but we usually play everything together. So this will be yet another amazing experience for us to share in the gaming world. Lol

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are they adding online multiplayer?

Online multiplayer - no.

The next update on consoles will bring features that are currently available on PC. So localised multiplayer, craftable crates and dismantling of crates.

the game is so boring solo

You were saying? Lol@fail

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I haven’t tried the multiplayer/online mode yet. But so far I’ve had 4 crashes on my PS4 today when trying to save at my shelter. Actually, at 3 different shelters on 3 different islands. In addition, the lag on my main island is so bad I’m going to just stay away from there for a while. Oh…and I lost some spears because I dropped them on the sand and they went through never to be seen again. Quicksand? lol

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Yep multiple bugs and generally more sluggish. We waited all this time for the game just to become 10 times worse, now we will have to wait another 12 months to fix the bugs the new update created. Devs just need to make a new game lol

Just discovered I now cant put the sail down on my raft lol give me strength lol

I was merely going from trends from previous releases. The online multiplayer was a massive surprise for everyone.

I play alone so online multiplayer is entirely useless for me but has ruined my game.

Can you turn off automatic updates so I know for the future :weary: