Loosen up restrictions on where building objects can be placed

It would be great to be able to build houses or docks, bridges, etc. without getting the message that something is in the way. Often the rocks on the island are what is in the way and preventing the user from placing a foundation or floor. Currently we have to work around this by looking around different directions quickly and then placing the item in the brief half second before it turns from blue to red.

The main motivation for me is I like to build short bridges over tight inlets. I always try to get the ends to be partially in the sand so I can walk onto them without jumping or building stairs. Often rocks are blocking at some point in the path.

Also if you build a two story house, you get the same message that something is in the way if you try to place a light hook more than half way up the first story wall. You have to destroy the second story wall and floor above the area you want the light hook, then place the light hook near the top of the wall, then rebuild the second story floor and wall as a workaround.

Another scenario is when building houses. You can plan around the rocks mostly, but still sometimes you get a lot of the foundation laid and then can’t finish due to rocks or other objects and have to tear it down and start over or use the workaround above.


Yes please!!!

All your doing with these build restrictions is causing us massive frustrations and emotional pains.
Please just get rid of them. Let us build what we want where we want without any restrictions.

Too often I’ll have 99% of a giant build’s foundation done and suddenly I can’t place a critical last piece because a broken barrel is where the post needs to go. Or it’s a purple starfish that’s in the way.
Who in real life wouldn’t just remove these obstacles? Yank the broken barrel out of the ground and toss it out to sea… Or get a stick and scrape the purple starfish up and toss it on the firepit…

These restrictions have got to go! Please! Please! Please! Make them go away!

Even the ability to overlap builds can be very useful in getting things to look good.

Example: I like making 3x4 U shaped docks for my 5x4 raft to sail into so that I have 3 directions I can walk off the raft and onto foundation. But there’s an alignment problem causing a massive gap on one side or the other. 5x raft bases is only about 2.5 foundation bases wide… And overcoming this matter is a major chore, to keep foundations the right height and perfectly butted up against other foundations in one direction while being offset by half a foundation in the other direction requires building a long line of (the perfect number of) foundations outward, destroy all but the last one, then from that last one you build back inward using wedge foundations in a zig-zag pattern back to where you started. (each pair of wedges will alter where a Foundation snaps to by a small amount in one direction (and half a square in the other, so you need 2 pairs of wedges to get flush up against the other portion of your dock again).
AND: IF the game allowed me to simply place a foundation “freestyle” next to another foundation without the snap-to function, i could just eyeball it and be done with a lot less effort…
AND: IF the game allowed overlapping foundations, I could fill in a different gap on the back side of this offset dock that’s caused by doing all this inside of a walled up building. Currently I leave this gap against the wall and hide it beneath container shelves… But I still fall though on occasion! Very irritating…

Thank you for listening!

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haha! Thank you Dev’s for letting me finally build a foundation through that purple starfish in my house.


I’m not sure how deliberate it was of you, but 2111 has made “build bugging” way more easy then it was before. I spent many frustrating hours trying to bug build that foundation without success. I just attempted again after 2111 and it was almost easy (comparatively).

That massive hole in my floor over deep water was very annoying! Now it’s patched! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!