Looking for a friend to play this game with

I haven’t touched this game in almost 3 years. A couple more months and it woudl be 3. I’ve been craving a break from my other game and this game was something I enjoyed way back before I quit due to a move. I even had a peice of paper where I’d draw the islands and maps so I could keep track of where my home island was. Haha.

Anyways. Looking for someone to play iwth 18+, mic and discord required. Let’s have some fun building super rafts and a super base.

Copy and pasted from steam forums. Want to find a friend!


What’s your region? Your daylight/availability hours will help to find a compatible teammate.

ok, tell me your availability to play this game . And let’s connect on discord or telegram

Hey, if you have not gotten anyone to play with we could maybe play together instead? I’m pretty much free everyday except sundays PM, tuesdays AM and Fridays PM. Got discord so we could chat there. (I have a mic)

After reading your post, I remembered my friends. We played a group online game. We enjoyed it so much.