“Loading Current Zone” Timeout and returns to Main Menu

Version 2116 on Series X

Multiplayer Day 705

Load times on the Series X are usually much faster, but now after day 700 it has been taking longer and longer to load in - and now it never makes it to “Cleaning Up”, the screen will glitch a little bit, go back to “Loading User Data” and take me right back to Main Menu. After 705 days it won’t let me back into my save! And it was pretty awesome! :cry:

How long did it take to reach day 705?

And that on Console Multiplayer

Hi xGnomeGrownx,

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I’m sorry to hear you cannot load into your save after the loading times becoming longer. I understand how disheartening this can be for you.

Do you have recent pictures / video of what your save looked like shortly before this occured?

I know the team have been looking into larger builds as well as custom island cycling for resources and their impact on the game itself. I’ve reached out to them for their thoughts, but if you have recent reference I could use as an example that would be great.

Unfortunately Xbox doesn’t allow the sharing of save files so they can’t take a look directly.

Thank you.

I have a recent stream right HERE!

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Hi xGnomeGrownx,

Thank you for the link to your stream. I shared it with the team and it appears from the amount of resources gathered and the impressive scale of your base, this would have pushed the game to it’s limits.

While I know the team are looking into messaging to inform players of limits of the game, I shall reach out to them and ask about suggestions for loading or if they believe future updates may allow it to load in.

Thank you again.


It finally allowed me in! One day I tried a dozen times and it finally went to the “cleaning up” stage! As soon as I got in I had to destroy my rocket ship and most of the raft flooring covering the ship, but obviously now it’s much a more manageable load time.

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Hi xGnomeGrownx,

I’m glad to hear you managed to get in after trying to many times. And thank you for letting me know - I’ll update the team so they are aware it’s possible and that removing those items has made it more manageable for you.

Thank you also for those additional reference images, it really is a beautiful (and very large) base!