List of suggestions

So, here are a list of ideas I have for the game. I’m sure some of these have already been suggested, but I just didn’t have time to look through all the already made suggestions.

  1. “house boat” building options (would be nice to be able to build a house boat with at least 2 levels and probably only 2 levels)
  2. option to build “steering house” for raft/houseboat (a way to steer raft houseboat from a steering wheel type setup with a anchor lever to raise and lower anchor and possibly a throttle option if a motor is equipped)
  3. would love to be able to use motor forward/reverse with the l2/r2 triggers and use the l3 for only steering
  4. option to build a large garden where you can plant multiple plants in it
  5. watering system that will automatically water garden either by collecting water from rain/storms or by having a very large collecting basin that can be filled with palm leaves. depending on size of garden, possibly have option to add multiple collectors to handle a larger garden
  6. more housing options like fireplace, beds that will act as sleeping bags, indoor cooking/smoking structures (or allow smoker to be build indoors), allow water collectors and actually all other structures to be built on floors.
  7. allow water still and smoker to be built on raft/houseboat
  8. ability to plant palm trees for lumber farming
  9. ability to cut down all types of trees and all bushes to clean up island for extensive structure building
  10. harpoon build with multiple airtanks maybe to target sharks with
    11.multiplayer option
  11. cartographer desk that can be built to be able to create an in-game map to edit while exploring and set way points for in-game navigation
  12. ability to add cargo carrier for gyro, maybe a platform that you can attach crates to that connects to the gyro by rope that it can carry when in use
  13. create fenced in “pastures” that you can put caught animals in for them to breed over time for animal farming
  14. traps to live capture animals to be able to put in pasture for livestock farming
  15. built lighthouse tower for distant visibility at night that uses lanterns and will turn on automatically at night and rotate
  16. backpack crafting to be able to carry more items
  17. weapon crafting - gunpowder, guns, etc…
  18. floating dock build option so that dock can be build without having to be supported by ground under water
  19. ability to cut down coral to have better water paths for raft so it doesn’t get stuck

There’s a few to start with for now. :slight_smile: I appreciate the updates that you guys have done already and hope you can apply at least some of these listed above. As you can probably tell, I’m playing the game for long-term play rather than just beating the bosses and leaving in the plane to beat the game. would be nice to have some added options for just long-term play that I’m sure a lot of people enjoy more than just beating the game.

Thank again,


Thought I might expand your list just a bit.

Would be nice if gardens would just get watered when it rains.

Clay water collection basin/tank

Bamboo. How useful it is, let me count the ways

On PC, tool belt is useless. It doesn’t expand your inventory; it should.

Should be able to carry at least some non inventory items on raft without sinking. I put one tire on a not inconsiderable sized raft and thought I was a goner.

Clay deposits should refresh.

Being able to see compass while operating rudder. it doesn’t take two hands to operate, so if you’re holding the compass when you take control, it would be nice if you could glance down to check your heading.

Occasional stick and rock flotsam washing up on shores.

Would be nice to be able to build raft on clear beach or in water without being told something is in the way. Having to perform weird acrobatics with your raft in order to get it built is just tiring.

Game mechanics does not lend itself to pulling barrels and tires out of all wrecks. Can a barrel just take up five inventory slots and a tire three. Or make it so it only works in the item in hand slot. You can still make it so we drop those larger items if we are attacked by a shark, just please, no more fighting with one tire for a half hour or more trying to get if through a porthole door. I’m not sure the barrels even fit through the porthole doors.

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I know I’ve struggled trying to get tires through the porthole doors; I don’t think they go… which is really annoying when there is like 5 columns of tires weighted down on the lower levels of the cargo ship and no means of releasing them.


Absolutely :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: I want all of these options.

I have been using a workaround I read somewhere online to get barrels and tires out of shipwrecks. When you dive, take a lashing with you, unchain the barrels or tires with an ax, then start to craft a raft base, but don’t finish it until you swim out of the shipwreck. I typicallly swim all the way to the shore and then do the final key press to place the crafted raft base on land. You can then use an ax to destroy the raft base and get back the raw barrels or tires.

You forgot to mention that the price is that you lose half of the materials. In case you find a cargo ship with plenty of tires and barrels. Like I found a cargoship with 12 tires and 6 barrels, it might be interesting to bring the other materials to that Island and build the raft there.

Just take your raft out to the cargo boat… Some lashings… make the raft base, swim out and attach to your raft…

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In the save I was playing for several months prior to the post there was no loss of materials when destroying crafted items. I have since started a new save and noticed that is the case. so I now anchor the raft and attach the new parts directly to it after swimming to the surface.
Several other differences I noticed in the new save also, like new kinds of ships, and the fact that Cod fish were two medium meats in the old save and only one medium meat in the new save. Not sure if I started the new save with different options or if it was because I started my old save before the last patch release.

I dont get all resources back when i destroy raft parts (or anything crafted actually). I think im crafting lvl 5 atm, But it is my understanding that when you get to max level in crafting that you do get all resources returned when breaking down crafted objects.

Make sure your crafting is maxed out though, or you WILL lose one tire.