Life raft vanished

Yes, I used an anchor. Went to the island, saved at my shelter. Reloaded the saved game later and the raft has vanished. I do not have it in me to repeat another 14 days, or swim manually between islands.

If this game is SO buggy, which it is, then why give us just one save slot, and why not create autosaves. I understand this removes some of the thrill perhaps, but having such a large unrecoverable issue makes me want to quit the game altogether. Rather than persist with it after this bug, I just switched games. Don’t know if I’ll go back. Cannot be dealing with such major bugs. Very disappointing considering they actually charge $20 for this game. $20 is not cheap for such a buggy mess.

Instead of anchoring the raft

Put it on the island
Fully on the island

Well, too late. I’ve given up already with the game. Who has got time for that? The functionality to push the raft around is just terrible. That’s why I began to anchor instead. I just expected the anchor functionality to actually work and not bug out… My mistake. I don’t expect much from a game of this size but it is $20, I expect a basic level of bug fixing since the game has already been around for a few years and this bug has been reported before.

Or, as I say, just give more save slots if you know you can’t code a game properly.

At this point, the game still feels in alpha yet In full release

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Hi Someguy, welcome to the forums

I moved your post to the Console Bug Reports section so the details around your issue do not get lost.

I’m sorry to hear this issue has affected your save. The team is investigating reports submitted by players on this issue and what the triggers for it could be. I understand how frustrating these issues can be for players and that from your subsequent message that you may no longer wish to continue with the game, however, if you wouldn’t mind sharing more details about your experience, I can pass this info onto the team members investigating this issue.

Please let me know:

  • Did this occur at a game-generated island or a custom island?
  • If game-generated, is this the starting island?
  • If you are able to, can you travel to the last location where you had your raft? A number of players who have experienced this issue have mentioned finding a copy of their raft at the last location they had saved. If you do find your raft at this location, please let me know if it is at a game generated or custom island.
  • Please describe your raft for me. (Size, materials used, any attachments, etc.)
  • If using container shelves, how many were on your raft and did any come from custom islands?

Any additional information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as the team can use your responses to try to replicate the same issue internally using the same conditions and investigate the issue further.

Thank you.

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This, I wouldn’t trust any of Rafts in water. Current(with object under-neath) or a Storm can totally move a anchored Raft. Not just Move. LAUNCH, a Raft. XD

Follow current, and look out to sea. You may see it distance. It may even be at Island you were before. (had this happen with yellow one)

Its 2 People who made this. Not a massive Dev team. Most of bugs have been pretty meld past year. Few of them abit frustrating.
Game still getting updated with small tweaks and consoles versions weren’t left behind. =3
(not counting PC version of how map works…)

Losing Raft sucks(watching it go past Border you can’t go past… HA HA) … That was a bad day for me.
Seen a few odd Bugs, It happens, but its pretty rare.