Let us hold our flasks/jars out in rain to fill them


Would like to see more sea creatures. A lot more.

Manta rays. Jellyfish. Man-o-wars. Basking sharks. Makos. Threshers. Eagle rays. Sea lions. Dolphins. Orca. Tuna. Pufferfish…maybe to make poison spears and arrowheads.

Would be neat if dolphins nearby would help you attack sharks.

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That would be great also what about a land vehicle.
We can build a gyrocopter and a outboard motor from items the game already provides. The game gives us tyres and barrels in shipwrecks so together with the engine parts we should be able to build a land vehicle.

And a pot why don’t we have a pot? A pot would a simple way to create diverse meals

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The pot is a good idea. Instead of cooking just meat, cook a variety of soups that will satisfy your hunger and thirst. To be taken on a long journey. Just how to keep the soups from spoiling. Second cooking?

Gonna be tricky to put the soup on a smoker… lol

I did not think about smoking but about pasteurization. In addition to the smoker, you have more options …

A pot would be a great idea! I’ve been wondering why we can’t cook potatoes… who eats raw potatoes?? The pot could be used on top of the hobo stove, which has a grate. Potatoes could be combined with water and pretty much any kind of meat to make a soup. That would be so awesome…

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